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“Richard Healey’s musical direction is pitch perfect.”

(Glen Pearce, thereviewshub.com)

“Richard Healey’s spot-on musical direction squeezes every nuance from Goodall’s score, leading an onstage seven piece chamber orchestra to deliver a full and rich sound that belies its size.”

(Glen Pearce, thereviewshub.com)

“Richard Healey anchors the songs with lovely arrangements on the piano.”

(Mark Shenton, thestage.co.uk)

The vocal arrangements have been planned to perfection with stunning harmonies throughout ... I particularly enjoy the honky tonk piano orchestrations.

(Jenny Antill, broadway world.com)

“(The) four-man band provide richer support than you might expect from a quartet, with an evocative, klezmer vibe to match the music.”

(Judi Herman, jewishrenaissance.org.uk)

“The writing for voices is demanding, every single one of the company is more than a match for it: they sound full and convincing, under the expert guidance of MD Richard Healey.”

(Julian Eaves, britishtheatre.com)

A great deal of thanks for this album working is due to ... the skillful arranging of Richard Healey. The vocal arrangements on these numbers stands out as one (sic.) of the best I've heard on a new cast recording.

(Ian Gude, reviewgraveyard.com)

The songs are a mixture of genres including tap, rag, ballads and soft-shoe through to a cappella and each one is as catchy as the last – due in no small part to Richard Healey’s wonderful arrangements.

(Nick Wakeham, musicaltheatrereview.com)


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